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Don Beebe Bio

Don Beebe’s biography Six Rings From Nowhere is a combination of blockbuster movies Rudy, Hoosier and The Rookie. Like Rudy, Beebe was overlooked by major colleges because he was too small. And so, like Rudy, he chose a blue collar career as a construction worker after high school, pounding nails for FIVE YEARS without playing football. Like the movie Hoosiers, Beebe played high school ball at a small Midwest school surrounded by farmland, where sports dreams seldom came true. And like The Rookie, he was out of sports for a number of years before trying a comeback that turned out to be one of the most amazing journeys into the NFL.

Beebe was a last minute invite, walking into the NFL Combine as a complete unknown and broke speed records that stood for 17 years. He was the first pick by the Buffalo Bills that year and went on to be part of a record six Super Bowl teams, including the world champion Super Bowl XXXI Green Bay Packers. After that game, Brett Favre gave Don the game ball out of respect to Don's unmatched dedication to the game.

If ever there was a “feel good” story about an underdog making it against incredible, almost impossible odds, Six Rings From Nowhere is such a book.